The Victory II-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Victory II-class Destroyer, was an improved version of the Victory I-class Star Destroyer. The Victory II-class was a more direct predecessor to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer.

Characteristics Edit

Though outwardly similar to the Victory I-class Star Destroyer, the Victory II-class was designed for deep space combat. With this in mind, the designers fitted the ships with Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. engines in place of the Victory I's LF9 ion engines to overcome weaknesses of the earlier design. Where the LF9 ion engines could not produce sufficient acceleration to engage faster and newer vessels in ship-to-ship combat, the new drives were far more powerful and added significantly to the newer ship's sublight speed and maneuverability.

Besides its faster sublight speed, the most notable change was the addition of ion cannons, more turbolasers, tractor beam projectors, and the removal of the banks of concussion missile tubes. The Victory II, however, did retain its predecessor's ability to operate within planetary atmospheres.[2]

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