"Remember, even an untrained Viera can still break a full grown human man's arm..."

- a little advice given to the old heroes of Malica once they arrived at Radiant Garden from their reawakening and escape from Colomar.

FFXIV Viera Render

The Viera are a species of Leporine like humanoid known not only for their long ears and natural beauty but also for their immense strength and excellent senses, who are native of the Malica universe. Similar to the Mithra, the Viera has a sexual dimorphism that results in a gender imbalance with more females than males, moreover, the females of the species typically are both taller and stronger than the males of the species, in fact, female Vieras typically tower over an average adult human male. Ever since they've joined the United Commonwealths of Worlds, the Viera has sense integrated themselves into wider Commonwealths society filling all sorts of roles, but most commonly held profession for the average Viera is Business, Modelling, Law Enforcement, and Military Service.

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