Vilkiala is the Capital and center of culture of the Empire of the Combine Race. once made up of three cities, the former Human Capital City of Cuk'zujik, the former Valian City of Zoikji and the original Kilominitic Capital City of Vilkiala (now where the Imperial Cathedral sits). The city was devested by the end of the First Multiverse War and became the Capital city of the United Combine Republics where it became a battleground during the Combine Civil War and following the end of the civil war, the city became the Capital of the Grand Imperial Union of the Combine Race. the City was destoryed (along with the rest of Valia) by the end of the Olkimanic Campaign. it was reestablished by Ancient Human and Combined Kilominitics after Valia was reterraformed in 3157.

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  • Imperial Cathedral
  • Imperial Parliament
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