Seismic charge-NEGWT

The Void-7 was a type of seismic charge that was manufactured and marketed by the Krupx Munitions corporation, and was considered to be the height of "seismic" weapon technology as of the years surrounding the Clone Wars. Krupx Munitions' Void-7 seismic charge comprised a large, rounded canister containing a mix of unstable liquid baradium and volatile collapsium gas. This mix became supercharged by two electromagnetic exciter disks on either end of the weapon's core. Once released into space, these disks would infuse the core with energized impulses to excite the blended explosives. The Void-7's explosion was characterized by a powerful implosion followed by an expanding energy wave of massive power roughly equivalent to 12 gigatons of TNT, enough to decimate large asteroids in the rings surrounding Geonosis. Only the Shields on a capital ship could protect against a Void-7 shock wave. The explosive mix within a Void-7 could be altered to produce a shock wave that caused less collateral damage than the baradium-collapsium mix.

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