The Vorcha Civil War  was fought between the angried Vorchas and the Allies and Vorcha who are pro-Alliance. The war began after a boy-cott with a film called Dem Crazy Ol' Sharkies, a racist propaganda movie within the Alliance of Nations. The film itself was threanted by a boycott from pro-equality movements that sought to sue the media for racial discrimination, but were eventually denied and led to a civil war. The war lasted six years with two million citizens dead, including 12 million vorcha. This war was most likely the reason why most Vorchas joined the Coalition of Independent States. By the time of the war started, Jarvan IV of Demacia initialized the Anti-Vorcha Bill, a bill that legalized the continued discrimination of Vorchas within the Allied territory

The Allied forces received munitions and soldiers from the Imperium of Man and Ariadna, while the Haqqislam and the Forsaken intervened in support of the Vorchas forces. Other civilizations, such as Old Republic and the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance, operated an official policy of non-intervention, although the ISA did send in some munitions.

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