Vorlon Planet Killer

A Vorlon planetkiller was an enormous type of ship used by the Vorlon Empire to destroy entire planets. Featuring the mottled green skin pattern characteristic of Vorlon technology, Planet Killers were built around a laterally bifurcated disc-shaped hull that measured somewhere between four to five miles across. Much of the aft section appeared to be taken up a massive array of gravitic drives with a pair of cupped petal shaped port and starboard "wings" that curved forward from the aft section. The dorsal and ventral surfaces feature a number of large, smooth, blisters, a pair of low fin-like ridges as well as several large spikes and sail-like structures. The forward section is dominated by two forward pointing pairs of undulating tentacle-like structures, each flanked by a similar smaller set and mounted on the outer edge of the dorsal and ventral hull. It is this forward structure that is seen to be the focal point and directional emitter for the planet killer weapon itself. This is the Vorlon's answer to the Death Star of the Galactic Empire, due to the both are planet killers

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