Tova Veer, a Voth male

The Voth (Second Human Empire name Zii'kkio Ais'knno) were a saurian species, presumably having evolved from beings originally native to Duyi'zu Earth, but later coming to reside in the Delta Quadrant. A significantly advanced species, the Voth were cold-blooded creatures, had a superior sense of smell, and skin pigmentation which altered according to moods. Adult Voth were slightly taller than adult Humans, had six clawed manipulatory digits (three on each hand), and their eyes were protected by heavy bony brow ridges which had a central crest rising to a conical protrusion on the back of the skull. This extra area may account for the larger cranial capacity of the Voth compared to Humans. Human cranial capacity was 22% less than that of a typical Voth. Most importantly, they had 47 genetic markers that were identical to Humans and many Terran creatures throughout Earth's history. The Voth are actually Thyrons who where exiled after the first war

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