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T'Pau, a female Vulcan

The Vulcans or Vulcanians (Second Human Empire: Hamo Biuyyi'sini Eiu'zuui, Borg Designation: Species 3259) were a warp capable humanoid species from the planet Vulcan. They are widely known for their logical minds and stoic culture. Their homeworld became a founding member of the United Federation of Planets and a member of the Alliance of Nations. Spock, Sarek, Tuvok and T'Pol are probably the most well known vulcans in the Multiverse


Genetically, Vulcans and Humans were similar enough that they could produce offspring without any problems. Externally, Vulcans were generally similar to Humans, the chief exceptions being the Vulcans' notably arched and up-swept eyebrows and distinguished external ear structure, the top of which tapered into a clearly defined point. Most Vulcans had straight, glossy dark brown or, more commonly, black hair and pale skin with a very subtle greenish tinge, much as the skin of Humans of European descent had a very subtle reddish or pinkish tinge. However, some Vulcans, including Tuvok, had brown skin, tightly coiled black hair, and physiognomic features similar to those found in Humans of African descent. Others shared physiognomic features similar to those found in Humans of East Asian descent. However, most Vulcans had a vaguely Eurasian appearance.

History and politics[]

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Commander Spock once theorized that Sargon's people may have colonized Vulcan some half a million years ago. Sargon believed that Humans and Vulcans might even be descendants of their early travelers.