The vulture-class hover bike (a.k.a. vulture hover cycle) or Vulture speeder by Viau People is a hoverbike used mainly for scouting. the vulture is a lightly-armored one-man hoverbike primarily used for scouting and patrol,designed with speed and reliability in mind. Its limited gravity hover technology allows the bike to travel over rough terrain with little loss of traction or speed, and reach speeds up to 230 miles per hour.Three men could overload a bike. Their magnetic frequency can also be adjusted to make it easier to cross some obstacles (e.g. the tracks used by mag-lev trains). An onboard computer and sensors mounted in the "nose" of the craft keeps it at a steady pace for most of the time and a navigation system is present. These features make the vulture suitable for patrolling the vast wildernesses typically found around terran colonies. They produce a humming whine as they move. It is used by the Alliance and the Imperialists.

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