D-Walker, used by the Diamond Dogs during the Insurrection

Walker Gears were bipedal, small arm equipped, manned vehicles that were developed by Huey Emmerich. These mechs saw heavily use by the Alliance of Nations, Axis of Empires, Coalition of Independent States and many private military/mercenary forces (which had been supplied to them via Allies via Piper Wright's Arms Export Act[1]). The walker gears are much smaller and easy to produce than the Old Galactic Republic's All Terrain Recon Transport

Description Edit

Modeled after the Metal Gear concept, but on a smaller scale. Walker Gears were designed for more conventional anti-infantry/anti-vehicle combat use. They were capable of bipedal movement for greater maneuverability on rough terrain or could fold up and move on wheels for greater speeds on flat terrain. Every model of Walker Gear had two front-facing headlights for greater visibility during night patrols or operations. They could be loaded with different heavy weapons for designated anti-infantry or anti-vehicle roles. Walker Gears also came with two small arms, hidden in the front of their chassis, that wielded pistols or submachine guns as backup weapons. Most mass produced Walker Gears came with an armored face shield, that could withstand a few high powered shots, to protect the pilot's head. These face shields had an unarmored slat so pilots could see in front of the Walker Gear. Walker Gears were all armored enough to withstand small arms fire for an extended amount of time. However, too much damage would eventually pierce the armor and damage the critical components within. Being to close to an explosion could knock a Walker Gear offline momentarily, leaving the pilot exposed and unable to return fire.

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