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Multiversial Civil War


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9961 NE (hostility against the known Multiverse)


Colapse of the New Order Instauration of the new government Creation of the Council of the Independent States

Major battles

Valia offensive

The War against the new order, (unofficially refered to as the Fourth Multiverse war), was a conflict that occurred following the Multiversial Civil War the conflict was carried between all the existing Factions of the Known and the Unknown Multiverse against the massive, unstoppable, god-like and almost invincible New Order’s War Machine that was taking over the Known Multiverse and subsequently the rest of the Multiverse.


First Confrontation[]

It is hard to say exactly for how long the New Order has been subjugating universes but the first official attack was sprung in 9961 NE when a new order regiments composed of multiple Titan Tanks attack various of the dimensions in Malica and everyone where stunned to see that some squads that were equipped with a M1 Abrams tank barely damaged both the body and the shield of the Titan Tank while the Titan Tank could pierce cleanly through the Armor of the M1 Abrams (it would later be revealed that this is because of the Abtum) and most of the units armor could withstand the rounds of anti material weapons like Barrett M82. Everyone was quite shocked as this attacks hare a mix of strength and speed and it was only a matter of time for many garrisons to surrender, meanwhile the Federation was pretty much tied handed since they were still recovering from the Multiversal Civil War however it wasn’t going very well as large swaths of the Federation was devested by the war, with insurgences by separatist groups just draining resources away from reconstruction efforts, let alone the massive refugee crisis that has been going since the start of the Civil War in 9885 starting with Pol Universe destruction. A war with another, then unknown, power was not something the Federation was ready for, especially a state that technically did not have a define capital since the destruction of Pol in 9885.

Federation response[]

Despite not having the strength that doesn’t mean that they didn’t respond and although very slowly they managed to mobilize some men and a few armored vehicles to the frontline to halt their advance which was proven to be futile as they would eventually notice that they had pretty much been watching for a long time and they were capable of create their own units based of the Multiverse’s Technology such cases were with denominated Kolafan (Tyrannical Versions of the Panzerhunds while they were basing off other animals) or the Feldaran air fighters (A mix of Messerschmitt Me 262, Horten Ho 229 and F16) and the seemingly mutated Koltarair but they eventually managed to hold them off in the town of Snelenka as they New Order’s Armies run out of supplies and had to wait for new supplies to arrive, meanwhile the new order build up massive industrial facilities in the occupied territories and it was here were the federation knew of their conquest tactics, they will invade a region and after conquering it they would take over the technology that was discovered and add it to the forces to increase their strength as independently of what they acquired they would mix it with the technology already acquired.


Despite the scale of the conflict officially is not considered a Fourth Multiverse War as the conflict consisted of all the various factions on the multiverse fighting against one common universes fighting of on various locations outside of the Known Multiverse.