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The War for Africa was a conflict on Pol Earth in XXXX NE, between the now former Axis members: between the Kingdom of Italy and Greater German Empire against the Japanese Empire after the great betrayal by the Combine.


was set solely around Ethiopia between the Kingdom of Italy and Greater German Empire against the Japanese Empire. The Japanese first attacked key naval ports striking and sinking multiple U-boats and sinking some other sea faring vessels and heavily damaged one capital starship class Bismark.

The war wasn't an open conflict against the Greater German Empire, but more of a test to see how strong the German military was against the Japanese. Unfortunately, the Japanese were found wanting for their allies military and naval might. Even when Germany finally mobilized its naval assets it was far too late as Japan had almost pushed all the way to northern Ethiopia and would have controlled the entire Ethiopia nation.

The first naval landings of the Japanese at the start of the War for Africa were largely unopposed as the German and Italians didn't expect a Japanese invasion. The Japanese gained major air control over the whole theater and had minimal losses during the first two weeks, before the Japanese started lossing control near the end of the month of the war.

The Conflict ended when the Japanese pulled their entire force out of Ethiopia, a white peace was never signed though the Germans and Itallian army and navy did not want to pick a fight with the Japanese who proved to be stronger with military might.


The whole estimated casualties was estimated to be around 250 million Japanese against the combined 270 casualties of the Germans and Italian armies. Around 500 military vessels were lost and 4500 planes shot down. around 40.5 million tanks were used though it was speculated to be much higher in number though little information was gathered for Japanese tank numbers.