Tumblr m3l6172H3j1r01e8po1 1280.jpg Palaven Burning

Palaven of the Kiz'ro Universe Burns as Combines and Chimerans attack it

 The War for the Kiz'ro Milky Way Galaxy was a conflict that occured from July 17th, 2393 to March 17th, 2398 between the Combine-Chimera Remnants under General Zilixilia Kizzrilmar, German Reich Remnant under Colonel Hans FredrichsonnConsortium forces under Chairmen Hai Sung, Cerberus of the Kiz'ro Universe and the Sur'kesh Pact and later on the Alliance of Civilizations, it started at first as a Reaper War, but it quickly because a bigger conflict when the Combine and Chimeran Remnants attacked Earth at the same time the Reapers attacked, the result of the Conflict was in a pyrric victory for the Pact, but, the Kiz'ro Universe falls under Joint Allied Military control from March 19th, 2398 to December 6th, 2405 when the various Governments of the Kiz'ro Galaxy formed the Federation of Sentient Species. It was one of the many conflicts associated with the Remnant Wars.


Proposes for the ConflictEdit

Combine-Chimeran ForcesEdit

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Sur'kesh Pact and Alliance of CivilizationsEdit

People involvedEdit

Combine-Chimeran Forces

Project Resurrection Forces

Consortium Forces


Sur'kesh Pact and Alliance of Civilizations

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