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The War in the Alpha Doon'kin Universe, also known as the Alpha Doon'kin Universal War was a war that occurred from 1599 to 1879 N.E that was fought between the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires, the Coalition of Independent States, the Dalek Empire, the Cyberman Collective and various other independent civilizations. Fought by numerous factions for control over the Alpha Doon'kin Universe, the war was brutal in which all who was involved described it as "more gruesome then the Great Time War" the war ended in Alliance victory, with the Axis and Coalition forced to retreat from the Alpha Doon'kin Universe, the near extinction of the Daleks (once again) and the Cybermen and the various independent factions either joining the Alliance, and thus staying in their home universe, or joining the Axis or Coalition which forced them to retreat and leave their home universe, to escape Alliance Occupation.

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