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"I died in hell - They called it Broken Overwatch"

-Jack Morrison's last words in the War on Contu'uji Earth

The War on Contu'uji Earth was a major campaign of the First War, fought by the Alliance of Nations against the Axis of Empires. The battle took place on Contu'uji Earth, from 1615 N.E to 1625 N.E as part of a discovery of Contu'uji Earth by the Axis in November 1614 N.E.

Further operations and an Allied supporting attack, combined with Operation Enterea (an Allied planetary landing of Contu'uji Earth), were to have reached Egypt and then the German frontier. The resistance of the 4th Army, horrid weather, and in some parts of the planet were on the onset of winter and the diversion of Allied resources to help the people of Contu'uji Earth. The war ended in November, when the Allies claimed the planet, apart from local attacks in December and the new year. Although inflicting irreplaceable casualties on the Axis, the Allies had captured 85% of the planet at a cost of 950.8 Million combat deaths, a ratio of roughly 2 inches (5 cm) gained per dead soldier. The war was the whole reason where the Overwatch joined the Alliance of Nations.

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