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Reaper, an Executor-class dreadnought led by Ardus Kaine heading to the aggressive Khadoran troops

 The Wars of the Axis, also known simply as the Axis Civil War was a conflict that occurred right after the Combines and Chimerans betrayed the Axis on "The Day the Multiverse Burned", it was a series of wars between the various factions in the Axis (all of whom hatred and mistrust have been brewing since the formation of the Axis) and have been considered the mean reason why the Axis effectively dissolved.


In retrospect, the Axis of Empires shouldn't have been an entity to have ever existed. Simply put, it was an organization made up of varying factions and governments that had wildly different political, social and economic views from each other. Furthermore, the vast majority of these factions were either nationalistic or ultranationalistic in some regard. So predictably, the various groups within the Axis of Empires began to feud with one another almost constantly, either for territories, resources, or just plain distrust and hatred of the other. But they stay together apart of a singular group, although minor skirmishes between Axis members have occurred but usually they are swept under the rug as it were. Why it even managed to continue as long as it did was entirely due to the Combines and Chimerans effectively forcing it together, once they turned on the Axis, the Axis simply tore itself apart, something that was centuries in the making.

Conflicts listed as apart of the Wars of the Axis

War for Africa (border conflict technically)

Factions Involved

Axis of Empires (Factions)

Combine-Chimera Alliance

  • Empire of Combined races
  • Chimera
  • several tyarnid hive fleets that were domesticated by the Combine.
  • Second Roman Empire (subject of the alliance and would have replaced the Kingdom of Italy - lead by Julies Caesar II)