Federal Soldiers and Police Riot Unit in the sheets of Paris, Wat'iuuk Earth trying to restore order.

The Wat'iuuk Earth Riots were a series riots during the Nationalist Wars. Started after the Blume Passed the Income Law, A law designed to Reduce wages earned by the Working Class by 15% to encourage the recovery of Chicago after the 3rd collapse in 2 years. Within 24 hours of the Passing of the law, Protesters gathered outside the Central Government Building on Jump Avenue calling an end to the Income Law. But Nationalists became apart of the protest and took it over to protest the Federation and demanding freedom. Eventually these protest turned violent as Pro-Federation counter protesters and Pro-Nationalist/Pro-Secessionist Protesters clash, which turned into a series of planet-wide riots. the riots finally ended when Federal Police and Soldiers arrive on the planet to finally end the riots.

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