Wedge Antilles, a Human male, was a famed Corellian pilot and general, known as a hero of the Alliance of Nations. Orphaned at age seventeen, he joined the Allies after the Axis forces killed his girlfriend, Mala Tinero. A standout fighter pilot. He founded Rogue Squadron with his fellow pilots. Antilles built Rogue Squadron into a renowned unit, and Antilles took command of it. As Antilles continued to serve, gaining a reputation as a consummate soldier and the Allies' greatest pilot.

In the Second War, Antilles accepted the promotion to general that his friend, Supreme Commander Gial Ackbar, had long desired for him. As a general, he reluctantly moved out of the cockpit and into a role in fleet operations, frequently commanding the Star Dreadnought Lusankya. During a mission to the planet Adumar, he ignited a romance with Iella Wessiri, a friend in whom he had been interested for several years, and married her after the mission's conclusion. They had two daughters, Syal and Myri, as Antilles became Chief of Staff of New Republic Starfighter Command and then finally returned to command Rogue Squadron in 18 ABY.

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Wedge Antilles was a male Human who had fair skin, dark brown hair,[3] and hazel eyes.[5] As an adult, he stood 1.7 meters tall[1] and massed seventy-seven kilograms.[4] As a child, he killed the pirates responsible for his parents' deaths, and afterward felt that he had been immediately thrust into maturity and could no longer be shocked by anything.[22] He did not become a cynic, however; Antilles was an optimist.[86] He was known for his sense of humor, though he remained a serious man inside the cockpit.[98] Antilles projected a strong presence in the Force, reflective of vitality and a focused mind.[180] He pursued justice, not glory.[181]

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  • Luke Skywalker

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