"What I'm about to tell you is... classified... However, much of our intel is... hearsay... so it's not as if we lose much if you tell people, but we will try you all with treason against the Federation... so don't. Understood?"

- a Tribunal council member informing a spec ops unit about the White Order.

The White Order is a mysterious organization with little information on them available, regardless of rather or not the Military Tribunal actively suspension all information involving the group. Only theories and hearsay, some say that that the order was founded by surviving members of the SCP Foundation or remnants of it after its' destruction some point during the Second Multiverse War. Others theorize that it was created by remaining SCP Foundation personnel and other secret organizations that were discovered and dismantled over the millennium before the Federation's creation in the middle of the 37th century NE. Whatever they are, be it survivors of the Foundation's destruction, or an amalgamation of remnants of various secret organizations, they are actively trying to contain and secure various surviving eldritch like creatures, artifacts, and anomalies, of which the Order must have had tracked and found before the Federation can find and ultimately destroy them.

Despite how much the Federation attempts to track them down, the Order has evaded them for millennia now.

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