This station holds secrets which cannot be seen by mortal eyes. If it would ever be compromised, hell will come. -Unknown, possibly attributed to one of the founders.
The White Station is the main headquarters of The White Order, and a repository for the most dangerous artifacts and beings in the Multiverse. Like the Order it belongs to, it's existence is shrouded in mystery. But those who come across even the slightest whisper of it's existence will quickly understand it's purpose.

The Levels Edit

The White Station is divided into Three Layers, to better deal with various anomalies, however many that still exist in the known multiverse after the Katastrofi Cult Conflict.

The Upper Layer(The White Crown) Edit

The White Crown houses many high-ranking council members, It also houses the MSSPS engine, and the relocation drive, which enables the White Station to instantly relocate it, in case of an emergency. The White Station elevator hangs off the White Crown, ensuring that if a full scale breach or insurrection was to happen, the elevator can be destroyed.

The Middle Layer(The Grey Body) Edit

The Grey Body contains the council's operatives, military units and guards of the bottom layer. It also contains the only gate between the White Station and the Multiverse. Such a large gathering of units is meant to act as both a buffer from malignant outside forces, seeking to free a being or loot The Station's secrets for their own ends and to protect the gate from an internal breach.

The Bottom Layer(The Black Pit) Edit

The Black Pit contains various creatures, artifacts, and anomalies. Many operatives and guards descend down there, for maintenance and surveillance. When you enter down there, your survival and sanity is not guaranteed.

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