Wild Karrde FF72 2

The Wild Karrde was a heavily modified Corellian Engineering Corporation Action VI transport used by Talon Karrde for smuggling and as a mobile base of operations. Underneath the craft's dented and worn hull plates was concealed an incredible mobile base of operations for Karrde and his band of smugglers.

Characteristics Edit

An Action VI class bulk freighter fresh off the CEC's assembly lines would be a ponderous and ungainly space transport that lacked armaments of any kind and could hold immense amounts of raw materials in its vast holds.

However, the Wild Karrde was no ordinary freighter. Karrde had made many important modifications to his ship that allowed it to hold its own against the Imperial patrols that often came to check his stash. Three heavy retractable turbolasers were added, giving the ship a firepower that no pirate could ever expect. The entirety of the hull was doubly reinforced with giant durasteel plates that matched the color of the original, unmodified hull so as not to tip off pursuers. Deflector shields and a large power source were also secreted deep in the bowels of the ship.

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