William Jager before the First War

  William Jager, codenamed as "Hades" (Should not be confused with Joseph Chkheidze, which is also called "Hades") by Whitewatch, "Satan" by the United Civilizations Joint Military, and "Lucifer" by the Peacekeepers was a American drug lord, slave trader, arms dealer, serial killer and Blacklight prototype who is well known for his involvement in the War for Seattle, the Coruscant Massacre and being one of the many individuals who masterminded the Infection War. He was killed by Sora and Kairi Yujo's son, Christopher Yujo and another Prototype named Alexander Roosevelt.


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if one can describe this man, it would be a man who's a completely ruthless and brutal sadist who seems to enjoy seeing others suffer for his own amusement. a born sociopath, this man though nothing of his follows other then to be used for his own gains and gladly manipulate people for it. But his sadism outweight his own personal needs, always enjoying seeing people suffer, and when he become a Blacklight, he began to enjoy hearing the screams of those he consumed. In many ways, he kickstarted the Infection War for his own sadistic desires then any quest of god-hood or power like some many other 'leaders of the Infected' during the War.


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