William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz
BJ Blazkowicz
Biographical and chronological information


Earth, Pol Universe

Date of birth:

1382 N.E

Physical and biological description





6 ft 3 in


245 pounds

Societal and political information


United States of America, Alliance of Nations, Multiversial Federation




Commanding Military Leader


Allison Jakes (wife)


"This isn't a war, but the breaking of seals, the undoing of life itself." - Blazkowicz during the First War

Capt. William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz (Polish origin, pronounced "Blaz-ko-vitch"), is an Human allied secret agent who works for the Alliance Joint Military and the Multiversal Federation and performs important missions in the Multiverse. William Joseph Blazkowicz was born on August 15, 1911 (1382 N.E) in Pol Earth, the son of two Polish immigrants. He was a top Allied Soldier and Captain during the First Multiverse War.[2] He was relatively muscular in appearance standing 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)[3][4] in height and weighing 245 pounds (111 kg).[3][4] William was called "B.J." by his friends and "Blazko" by Fergus Reid. He was deployed a million times behind enemy lines, culminating in an operation that marked the halt of the Axis and the Horde forces during the first war. These deeds, earned him so many medals. After the First War, he got married to Cygnarian female Allison Jakes. at age 40 and he had a son. BJ Blazkowicz has spent what to him feels like a lifetime fighting the Axis and the Coalition on the multiverse. Often referred to as one-man army, Captain Blazkowicz has been responsible for most of the most notable events in the Allies' recent history, including the battles against the Axis of Empires in the Battle of Runeterra, the Great Battle of Endor, stopped the invasion of Alderaan, defeated the Haqqislam in the Battle on Bourak, the defeat of a Forsaken strike team and the Deleathans in the Great Serethan-Allied War. He was also the leader of the Allied Rapid Reaction Force. He was also known to be part of his suicide mission. He is also a pilot of Vulcan One, a modified Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor and one of the very few users who used BFG-9000

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  • Being appeared in most Great Multiverse media, he is most likely to be one of the main protagonists of the Great Multiverse series.
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