The X-43 Microwave Incendiary Klystron Emitter (MIKE) is a high-power experimental directed-energy weapon based around weaponized microwaves. Developed by CryNet Systems, the MIKE was derived from Active Denial Systems, originally intended for non-lethal crowd dispersal. These weapons pacify targets by instantly heating the body’s water and fat molecules beneath the skin, causing incapacitating temporary pain. Wavelength adjustments to the emitted microwave beam, along with a significant power boost, have turned the MIKE into an incredibly lethal weapon that could literally boil a human from the inside, set flammable objects on fire with continued exposure, and explode sealed objects containing liquids due to the increased pressure from steam building up inside. The MIKE compensates for its limited range and high energy consumption with its sheer power. Thick metal shielding provides partial protection, but the MIKE’s microwave beam can easily penetrate body armor, car doors and storage tanks. In terms of practical usage, the MIKE is best described as “Flamethrower 2.0”. Both share the same battlefield role, but the microwave cannon uses advanced technology to bypass armor and attack from the inside instead of spraying a target with ignited flammable liquids. The X-43 MIKE is used by the Alliance of Nations

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