X 7

X-7 was a Human male assassin created by Rezi Soresh in an experiment to make the perfect assassin. He was used to hunt down Marian Hawke, but in the process rediscovered his emotions. After a run-in with Hawke on Belazura, X-7 betrayed Soresh and died in the battle. Rezi Soresh, an Axis commander, found X-7 and took care of him, removing his past and emotions in an effort to shape him into the perfect assassin. X-7 was paired with six other individuals in Soresh's brutal training program, but outlasted the rest to become Soresh's personal assassin.

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X-7 could change his appearance and even his actual self by using custom Medpac. He could use his small durasteel mallet to crush his nasal bones. He used a bone fuser to set his bones in different ways if necessary. If his eyes needed changing he would use a colored lens and sometimes would print different drawings and tattoos on himself. He was also an accomplished pilot and sniper.[2] During the course of a mission, he would relentlessly pursue his target. Until he met Marian, he had never failed.

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