The Fenrir is an original next-generation combat aircraft from the Liuo'opui universe. Developed as the only mass-production fighter debuting in 2020, the Fenrir is distinguished by its unusually large body. It uses a polyhedral cropped delta configuration with bent wingtips, a V-tail, canards and dual air intakes. The frontal landing gear is housed within the mouth-like pod beneath the cockpit. It uses dual thrust vectoring engines, aided by a smaller powerplant between both, which give it V/STOL capabilities. Following the standard set by aircraft of the era, it uses Connection for Flight Interface hardware for control. The cockpit uses a dashboard with a digital interface that displays vital information of the aircraft, along with a 3D render of the Fenrir that acts as a compass. The Fenrir is used by the Axis of Empires (notably Leasath)

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