Manufactured by Arakyd Industries, the XR-85 tank droid was a treaded, automated tank that was part of the Galactic Empire's arsenal. The Arakyd Industries XR-85 tank droid was armed with a heavy particle cannon, two forward light turbolasers, four twin heavy repeating blasters (two at the front, two at the back), and one aft Golan Arms DF.9 laser cannon (for anti-personnel duty). It was 32 meters tall. Manufactured by Arakyd Industries, the XR-85 was a treaded, automated tank used by the Imperialists after Grand Admiral Thrawn’s failed bid to rebuild the Empire. Although original prototypes were for a tank about the size of the older AT-PT walkers, the final model was considerably larger, and cheaper to build. Making use of a pirated Industrial Automaton R7 droid brain matrix, originally developed for the Allies’s E-Wing starfighter and the F-303 Fighter, the XR-85 was considerably more independent and intuitive than previous generations of combat droids. This automation made the tank droid highly useful for the crumbling Empire as it became more difficult to find and recruit sufficient numbers of trained operators for its vehicles.

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