Xaalizu Attwood (Born: November 11th, 2360), born as ECR 785-334-882-722-455-833-209-781, later dubbed Kaaisimer 337-002, is a Uiikizun Human, a term used to refer to people into the Empire of the Combine Race's chattel slavery, born without a name, for seven years, his only name was a series of number given to him first by the Empire of the Combine Race, then by the Kaaisimer family, until at the age of seven when the eldest daughter of the Kaaisimer's matriarch, Saiul Kaaisimer, gave him the name Xaalizu. A year after he was given his name, he, and all other slaves on his homeworld, was freed by the Alliance during Operation Downfall, where he was then adopted by a TransHuman soldier named Dorris Attwood, who served as his mother from there on out. He, like all other Uiikizuns, celebrated the downfall of the Empire of the Combine Race and come to the realization that they were now well and truly free. Until his 26th birthday, he had lived with his mother while attending college gaining his engineering degree where he worked for various companies and government throughout the Alliance but eventually he came to live on Deei'tiiki Earth where he would eventually meet and married his future wife, Kamski Type Android named Kara.

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