MTG Chen Pic

Xing "Hammer" Chen is the supreme commander of Chinese army during the war. Chen's military career started with him as just another one among thousands of blindly naive, utterly expendable Red Guard infantrymen. His trial-by-fire came in 2019, when a then obscure Central Asian fundamentalist group known as the GLA detonated a five kiloton tactical nuclear device in Beijing during the grand military parade in celebration of the People's Republic's 70th anniversary. Chen was a member of a rapid response force that was among the first PLA units called to the scene where he witnessed untold horrors that would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life: With thousands of soldiers and civilians incinerated, Tiananmen Square turned into a glassy crater and the Forbidden City completely leveled, the GLA had stepped into the limelight of history and kicked off a conflict that would go on for the better part of the decade, changing China and the rest of the world forever.

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