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“This universe is widely known for the creation of the T-Virus, the Umbrella Corporation was foolish to create such a bio-weapon not even they have control of.”

Terrinald Screed

The Xuy’ui Universe (Zai-U-E) one of the many universes that exist in the known Multiverse and was discovered in the year 1498 NE which is 1998 in their world. The Xuy’ui Universe is widely known for which in this version of Earth a bio-engineered virus was created by a multinational organisation known as the Umbrella Corporation who have been responsible for mutated bio-weapons and zombie outbreaks upon their world. Many factions had considered this part of the universe dangerous and prevented them from obtaining knowledge other worlds for their own profit or any rogue faction from obtaining the knowledge of the T-Virus, even the Axis of Empires members dreamed them a threat as do the Alliance of Nations and most members of the Coalition of Independent States.

During the first confrontation of the bio-weapons and zombies, the members Allied Organization of Science and Alliance Joint Military begun conducting weapons testing specialized bullets to better destroy undead creatures without only needed to target the brain and combat the virus.

This universe would play a part in early stages of the Infection War of 3192 NE.


Early History[]

Mansion Incident[]

Raccoon City Incident[]

Unaware if the events that occurred in Earth, the Axis of Empires sent out their forces such as the Galactic Empire to investigate this reality, despite Umbrella’s efforts to impress their potential benefactors (at the assumption that they were various governments and groups found on their planet), many of the Axis declined and learned that the Corporation had no control of the outbreak if it turned in them, even discovered the possibilities of the spread of a single planet. Admiral Terrinald Screed gave his report of the dangers of the T-Virus to Emperor Palpatine of Umbrella’s mishandling and given the order to consider Umbrella as a possible threat and also with STARS for meddling with their researches. However, they had acquired for the Axis researchers study a sample should a possible outbreak occur.

Unaware of Alliance operatives were present as well and helped STARS to begin their fight against Umbrella.

Viral Outbreaks[]

Combine Invasion and Start of Xuy'ui Earth Campaign[]

Infection War[]

The worlds of the Xuy’ui Universe for the first time had started to fully recover for the first time over a thousand years without any viral outbreak with the collapse of Umbrella, at first they begun to celebrate until the remaining members of STARS and Leon Kennedy discovered traces of the T-Virus which were thought to have been wiped out was found on the three frontier colony worlds in their territory and some of the United Civilizations. Reports of a crime lord codenamed Hades somehow acquired the virus and on December 25th, Christmas Day 3192, the Infection War had broke out.


Known Species[]

Governments and Factions[]


  • Primary setting of Resident Evil
  • While the War did spread to this universe, Xuy'ui Earth didn't fully involved, at least officially, until years later, specifically a year after the events of Resident Evil 4, 1505 NE/2005 Xuy'ui, beforehand the conflict on Xuy'ui Earth was largely conducted via spec ops and black ops units from both sides until the Combines began a true invasion and assault on the planet, though not one that results in their usual hours wars, due in part to the amount of troops sent and the Alliance timely intervention.
  • Outside of Xuy'ui Earth, the Alliance and Axis fought amongst each other over control of various territories and systems in the universe, making Xuy'ui Earth an expectation to a otherwise conventional warfare that ravage the Universe.