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If i was asked to pinpoint the exact day that set Emperor Yiloala on his path of bloodshed, i would point to this day.

Unknown Combine Historian.

The Year of Cruelty was an attempt by five aristocratic families, spear-headed by Hoynia Desiholos, to seize the throne of the Emperor from the Kutartukias, only to backfire spectacularly, by uniting the Kilomintic people and other royal families under one Yiloala Kutarukia, who then was declared Emperor of the Kilominitic.


The Powder Keg

To say that the Kilomintics were sparsely united would be an overstatement. Many cracks in between the families and in the Imperial Parliament were very apparent, as assassinations, bribes, strategical marriages, and other shrewd political tactics were widely used. So much so, that the general Kilominitic public widely knew about how divided the Political Forces were. A common discussion centerpiece was the political division. Even in some circles, bets were placed on which political figure would do what.

The latest shifts in the Kilomininitic political landscape were extremely worrying, as Grand Primarch Wikillamk Binaklam, a commoner who won his election with the aid then Lord Garros Desiholos, turned heel and married Ribikial Kutarukia, the Crown Princess of then Emperor Eilakia Kutarukia, who belonged to Kutarukia Dynasty, one the thirteen dynasties of the Empire and the current house sitting on the Throne, whom are sworn rivals to the Desiholos family.

Many from all sides called foul play, saying that Wikilamk sold his allegiance, was a spy all along, or that the Epiccal family was somehow involved. Nevertheless, the now fractured Kilominitic started taking sides, and all bets were off on what would happen next.

The Spark

Hoynia Desiholos, heiress of Desiholos family holding, was especially outraged by Binaklam's betrayal. For years, he has faithfully supported her father's growing powerbase, and now he turned traitor to the hated Kutarukias. However, she followed in her father's footsteps, not letting her rage overtake her. She silently began winning the hearts of the Kilominitic Imperial Armed Forces, and began contacting other Aristocratic families, playing on their disdain of the Kutarukias, promising them seats in her parliament, or by threats to wipe them off the political stage.

Storming The Towers

The Emperor's Glaives Awaken

Yiloala Ascendant

The Bloody Coronation