Yelena Fedorova (Cyrillic: Елена Фёдорова) is a senior member of the Tyrants. With an athletic build and statuesque, augmented height of 6'7", twenty-eight year-old Yelena Fedorova was a trained assassin, part of an elite team of special operations mercenaries working for Belltower Associates, a private military corporation. A Russian woman of African descent with a cut of shoulder-length, spiky black hair, she was rarely seen out of her combat gear. Her only affectations were a silver cross on a black steel chain around her neck, a family heirloom of great personal value, and sometimes a nose ring as seen to the right. She had progressive mechanical augmentations; her legs had been extended with unguligrade prosthetics that enable her to move quietly and quickly. These augmentations also gave her at least a two foot height boost, giving her an intimidating figure. She was killed by Worf during the Mar Sara Crisis

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