Yelena Fedorova (Cyrillic: Елена Фёдорова) is a senior member of the Tyrants. With an athletic build and statuesque, augmented height of 6'7", twenty-eight year-old Yelena Fedorova was a trained assassin, part of an elite team of special operations mercenaries working for Belltower Associates, a private military corporation. A Russian woman of African descent with a cut of shoulder-length, spiky black hair, she was rarely seen out of her combat gear. Her only affectations were a silver cross on a black steel chain around her neck, a family heirloom of great personal value, and sometimes a nose ring as seen to the right. She had progressive mechanical augmentations; her legs had been extended with unguligrade prosthetics that enable her to move quietly and quickly. These augmentations also gave her at least a two foot height boost, giving her an intimidating figure. She was killed by Worf during the Mar Sara Crisis. She is also responsible for destroying the USS Enterprise, on the command of her Vindicator-class heavy cruiser

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