Yevetha NEGAS

The Yevetha (pronounced /jɛ'viθɑ/) (Second Human Empire: ?) were a lithe, skeletal species indigenous to N'zoth in the Koornacht Cluster, known for their xenophobia and death-centered culture. Physically, the Yevetha were tall beings that stood on average up to 1.9 meters in height with light gray skin and a ghoulish appearance that was bereft of any body hair.[3] Male and female members of the species were roughly the same height and build with adults standing between 1.5 to 2.5 meters.[4] They were noted as being a mammalian species with a thin, bony humanoid form.[3] They were described as being so gaunt as to seem skeletal due to their pallid gray skin and lithe builds.[1] Their alien physiognomy was noted for being close enough to a humanoid to the point that it was possible to determine their body language due to the similarities.[5] These tall gaunt humanoids had wide set[4] and large black[3] gray eyes.[1] Their black eyes were said to be as expressionless as stones.[5] The backs and necks were both scaled, which was an evolutionary vestige of natural body armor once possessed by the race.[4] Thus, their skin incorporated this vestigial form of armor that went down from their backs to their necks and down their spines.

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