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The Yor Collective is a civilization ruled by machines from the Zuit'uji Universe, a general hatred towards organic beings programmed into them by the Dread Lords. Their home world, Iconia, was the former home world of those that now inhabit the Iconian Refuge. They are extremely good at long-term thought and have been known to make alliances with organic races, but any such alliance is only of convenience. The Yor are not truly evil; they simply lack any conscience at all. They are an artificial species created millions of years ago by the Iconians. For most of their existence, the Yor were without sentience. The Iconians, heirs to the Precursors and at the time the most powerful civilization in their native galaxy, knew well enough not to create anything that could one day turn on them and become a threat. The Yor Collective is a Independent faction and hatred against the Borg Collective and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which Count Dooku killed over 700 Yor citizens in the Separatist-Yor War and the Borg Queen had also assimilated 400 Yor personnel in the Yor-Borg Collective War.