Ysanne Isard
Biographical and chronological information



Date of birth:

1400 N.E

Date of death:

4352 N.E, Bilbringi

Physical and biological description






1.8 meters

Hair color:

Black and White

Eye color:

Left: red, right: blue

Skin color:


Societal and political information


Galactic Empire, Axis of Empires, Fel Empire, Imperialist Alliance



Ysanne Isard was a female Human who served as the Director of Axis Intelligence for several years during the First Aftermath. Isard followed her father, Armand Isard, into Imperial Intelligence at a young age, blossoming into a model field agent. While the battle is defeated for the Axis, she survived but the prospect of losing considerable face back on Axis Center infuriated Isard. She instead found a way to pin the blame on her father. She took her father's position as Director of Axis Intelligence. Isard was exceptionally close to Palpatine, so much so that she was given the second Executor-class Star Dreadnought constructed, the Lusankya. She was killed in the Great Battle of Bilbringi along with Thrawn and Jagged Fel

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Isard's personality and traits were often compared to her two mismatched eyes. She could be icily cold, heartless and cruel, but was also prone to fiery, temperamental fits of anger. These traits asserted themselves at different times in her actions.[13] Even as a field agent, Isard was ambitious, calculating, and ruthless.[5] She ruled the Empire in power, if not in name, and had a deep desire to control things, a weakness that would help lead to her defeat in the Great Bacta War.[13] Her entire Lusankya prisoner complex was devoted to the torture of prisoners and then turning them into tools to bring down the Rebellion,[14] though many observed that while she was talented at engineering opponents' downfalls politically, when she had to wield the hammer and deal with them in a more direct fashion, she did so rather clumsily.[13]

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