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Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami was debated to be one of the best gamblers the multiverse has ever seen, she appeared around the First Aftermath and got into a gambling game with some high ranking nobles in the Alliance of Nations in which she won her own Millenium Falcon freighter, unable to fly it Yumeko hired just three people and at the time owned around 2 billion credits in Alliance of Nations Currency. Some debate if Yumeko Jabami is a mort however, she does gain some sexual pleasure (though this is up to debate) off gambling and gambles for the shake of gambling. In most of her gambles she is determined the underdg and usually comes out on top but she can gamble her winnings away.


Yumeko wears a red and black school uniform and some clothes she won off gambling. She has travelled to worlds and been accepted even by the Combine of Empires mainly as she isn't a threat and offers to gamble for safe passage which has won her fame for able to outsmart even ai programming and mind reading races. Jabami was seen as a wild card in the multiverse. When asked how she got into the multiverse apparently her homeworld was invaded by the combine, Yumeko was imprisioned and was going to be synthed until she gained an idea to gamble her life for safe passage in the multiverse. Her offer to gamble was at first laughted at but it was accepted. What the gambling game was is unkown but Yumeko obviously won.

What is intresting in terms of history, is that Yuemeko did have an official civilian licence which she may have won off her gamble against the Combine of Empires. As such some information is easy to get about Yuemeko such as her body measurements and blood type. The more hard to get information is which universe she orginates from, most likely her universe was destroyed which may mean Yumeko is the last human in her universe.

Borg collective[]

The Borg collective have a detialed account in their encounter with Yumeko though not much is known to those who exist outside of the Borg Collective.


family and relatives[]


Skills and abilites[]

Yuemko's abilites are almost at genius level, Yuemeko has quite keen intuition which allows her to notice very small detials. while Yumeko is human she act rather well and can actually sing and dance though these skills aren't her most well known aspects. Gambling is second nature to Yumeko and she seems to understand a good variety of gambling games and can solve advanced mathamatic equations.


Han Solo - met him and played a game of sabac in which she won - though she does not have a 100% win rate against him.

Lando Calrissin - an ally and friend who she played a game of sabac with

Count Dookou - The Sith lord met Yumeko and offered her a game of gambling of three rounds, she lost the first but won the next two. She regugarly played gambling games with Count Dookou and got to know the sith lord a lot more than even his previous master. Yumeko was intrested into how Count Dookou could read her mind so freely which helped her to develope some force sensitive skills, the ability to know if someone was trying to probe her mind.

Borg Collective - Recognised as an anmology and deemed inhuman in their databases, they value her as a anmoloy marvel and watch over her with great intrest


The Compulisve gambler

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