Phalanx by the prototype92-d79o5g4

Yuura Jang is the third moon in orbit around the Gas Giant Karmino in the Karmino system. The civilization Yuura Jang has been at a state of cold war with the Allies and the Axis. The two species are remarkably similar in both apperance and physiology, suggesting they did not develop on their respectiv planets but rathere they were "seeded" on those planets by an ancient alien race. Yuura Jang is 12.34% bigger than Argus, something that the people of Argus do not like. For the past 7 years there has been no communications between the two moons.  In the past few years the war between them escalated when Yuura Jang started to mine the first moon called Malus for the valuable mineral called Trellium. The Battle for Yuura Jang took place here

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