ZannConsortium attack1.jpg
An attack made by the Zann Consortium

The Zann Consortium War (separately known as the Zann War, Tyber Zann's War, AON-ZC War, Alliance Operation Black Star , Axis Case Zann and the Atlas Operation Celestine Black) is an mini conflict mostly between the Alliance and the Axis versus the Zann Consortium in the multiverse. Since then, other organizations has joined the war including the Order of the Red Crescent and the Jerican Holy Army—all sided with AON or AOE. The white supremacist group known as the Caucasian Pact (known as the Neo-Nazis of Union of Earth locally) joined the Consortium for their cause and have maintain neutral relations with Zann himself. The Anti-Zann were created after the declaration of war made by Allies in response to destroy the government. Although the mini conflict originally began in late December 2214 N.E, the Alliance officially declared war on Zann Consortium on March 10, 2215 N.E by John Sheridan.

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