A Zhecron agent.

Zhecrons are a reptilian race native to the planet Zhecronus, the capital of the Zhecron Alliance. An ally of the Tau'ri-Jaffa Alliance and fierce enemy of the Semerian Commonwealth from the Zi'ki Universe, the Zhecrons are a highly capitalistic race with egalitarian views, although they also support eugenics to ensure their racial purity while forbidding inbreeding. They are atheistic in different ways and hold mainly liberal views. However, they seem to have a distrust with illegal drugs such as marijuana and tend to worry greatly about the health of their species. They are dinosaur-like in appearance with mainly green skin as a dominant gene. They are likely to be members of the Alliance of Nations, although some joined with the Axis of Empires. Yet, some are more independent and often refuse to become align with either the Allies, Axis, or even the Coalition of Independent States. Some rumored that they are descendents of a group of Velociraptors that inhabited planet Earth and survived mass extinction when they were mysteriously teleported towards Zhecronus, where they had evolved into a sentient species. However, most Zhecrons deny the theory as "nonsense and superstition", claiming that there is no proof to ever support this claim.
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