the Zol Earth Unification War, also known as the Third Zol Earth Civil War, Third World War and World War III is the name of a brutal civil war that broke out in 2026 and ended in 2061. Although the causes of the civil war are many, the biggest reason for the conflict was the debate over what form of government the Union of Earth should have. The war kick started when the major factions, the Islamist, Communist, Democrats, Fascist, Monarchist, Neo-Nazis and Corporatist started fighting each other across the planet. Over the cost of the war, the Monarchist and Neo-Nazis deformed only after two years of the war's start due to either internal conflicts (Monarchist) or wiped out due to their small size (Neo-Nazis), however, the remaining factions, the Islamist, Communist, Democrats, Fascist and Corporatist still fought each other with often horrific ways, destroy and butchering over every territories. eventually, the Democratic forces claim victory over the other factions and reforged the Union as a federal constitutional representative republic. Many have also noted that the Axis, Alliance and Coalition supported a variety of different factions during the war. Some have noted that volunteers from the Alliance, Axis and Coalition have been seen in many battles in this war as well.

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