Zootopia is the eponymous city located on Zoa'riktoik Earth. Described as a modern, civilized city on a planet where humanity never existed, or rather, as later evidence suggest, was wiped out in a two way xenocidal war that occurred between the Humans and Animali Sapiens on Zoa'riktoik Earth several thousand years ago. The city had problems involving speciesism between the various species within the Animali Sapiens, although eventually this ended, it was, instead, replaced by new found prejudices between the native Animali Sapiens and the it's new immigrant sentient species (namely Humans, Kilominitics, Edanians, Turians, Quarians, Twi'leks, Krogans, Irkens, AIs, TransRace, Sangheilis, Jiralhanaes, Kig-Yars, Mgalekgolos, Awokens, Aurins, Blood Elves, Night Elves, Castanics and Togrutas)

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Zootopia has been a metropolitan municipality with a mayor–council form of government since its consolidation. The government of Zootopia is more centralized than that of most other U.S. cities. In Zootopia, the city government is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, and welfare services.

The Mayor and council members are elected to four-year terms. The City Council is a unicameral body consisting of 51 council members whose districts are defined by geographic population boundaries. Each term for the mayor and council members lasts four years and has a three consecutive-term limit, which is reset after a four-year break.

Each District is coextensive with a judicial district of the state Unified Court System, of which the Criminal Court and the Civil Court are the local courts, while the Zootopia Supreme Court conducts major trials and appeals. Savana Central hosts the First Department of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division while Sahara Square hosts the Second Department. There are also several extrajudicial administrative courts, which are executive agencies and not part of the state Unified Court System.
Flag of Zootopia (Large)

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Districts Edit

  • Sahara Square
  • Tundratown
  • Little Rodentia
  • Rainforest District
  • Savanna Central
  • Downtown

Military Zones (established in 2418) Edit

  • Alpha (Savanna Central)
  • Beta (Tundratown)
  • Gamma (Rainforest District)
  • Delta (Sahara Square)
  • Epislon (Downtown)

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Issues following the City's integration into the Multiversial Community Edit

  • Perhaps the first most profound issue that the City had to deal with was a increase of Species-based hate-crimes, though not from it's native Animali Sapiens, but from the immigrated species, though the most common where those involving Humans and Kilominitics, Sanghilis and Jiralhanaes, Allied Species and former Axis Species and virtually all of these various species against the TransRace. However, the most horrific aspect to these crimes was the utter brutality and savagery that these crimes repeatedly showed time and time again. Eventually, however, the hate crimes dropped, but it's still around, just not as bad as it was at first.
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