―Zsinj's final word, echoing his very first[src]

Zsinj (pronounced /zɪnd͡ʒ/) was a Human male from Fondor. Though he bore no first name per the traditions of his father, a Fondorian shipyard mechanic, Zsinj preferred to follow in the footsteps of his more famous mother, Mme. Maarisa Zsinj, a Chandrilan Admiral in the Allied Outland Regions Security Force popularly known as the "Ace of the Spacelanes." The elder Zsinj denounced the new government as corrupt and went rogue, preying on ships of the Empire as a pirate. Young Zsinj was granted command of the aging Victory-class Star Destroyer Iron Fist to hunt down his own mother.

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Zsinj was almost comical in his outward manner and appearance. Eventually, he took on the white uniform of a Grand Admiral, a rank he never earned, which lent an element of incongruity to his appearance when combined with his corpulence and his handlebar moustache.[18] In truth, Zsinj believed that misdirection was the greatest weapon at his command. Some considered him rough and piratical, others saw him as a psychopath, a few thought he was a buffoon.

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