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Zuckuss (pronounced /Zŭk'-ŭs/)[2] was a successful Gand bounty hunter who was active during the height of the New Order. Referred to as "The Uncanny One" by his fellow hunters, Zuckuss was renowned for his ability to discover hidden quarry. His tracking skills derived both from his training as a findsman and from his innate Force-sensitivity, which allowed him to sense individuals at range and decipher the motives of his prey. Due to his famed abilities, Zuckuss was highly sought after, and he found employment with the Bounty Hunters' Guild, the Hutt Cartel and the TaggeCo.

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Zuckuss displayed a hesitance that was looked down on by some hunters as cowardice. While many of his comrades would opt to rush in with guns blazing, Zuckuss tended to take a more cautious approach and weighed his options beforehand.[9][17] However, Zuckuss was prone to sudden outbursts of violence and could be quite brutal if pushed or cornered.[8][14] Despite his proven competence while working solo, Zuckuss preferred to work with associates, cooperating with over a dozen of his peers during his career. He was open to learning from others, using their experience to improve his own skills.[40]

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