The Zygerrians (Second Human Empire: Cutty'kjij Buyil'tuuik) were a sentient species of Near-Humans native of the planet Zygerria. Members of the species were medium-sized, standing 1.7 meters tall on average and weighing around sixty kilograms. The Zygerrians were distinguished by a number of bony spurs on their face. The species was well-known for its long history of violence, war, and slavery, which they viewed as a natural order of life. This contributed to the fact that the Zygerrians were feared across the galaxy. The founders of the Zygerrian Slavers Guild, the Zygerrians conducted slaving operations in the Outer Rim Territories for centuries before the First War. At one point, the species was crushed by the Jedi Order, but they eventually recovered. The Zygerrians joined the Alliance of Nations (but were forced to give up their tradition of Slavery).

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